Association of Women Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova joins EWLA

The Association of Women Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova (abbr. FAM) was founded on 25 March 2015 for the purpose of defending, developing, promoting and safeguarding the rights and interests concerning professional, economic and social rights of women lawyers.

The motto of FAM is that “Women have to be involved in the decision-making process… Women Lawyers are not an exception”

The cooperation between EWLA and FAM began on 19 November 2016, when EWLA Board member Dace L. Luters-Thümmel met the board of FAM for the first time on the occasion of a Bar Association conference organised by the Council of Europe and the CCBE. Since then numerous meetings took place during a longer stay of Dace Luters-Thümmel in Chisinau in the first quarter of 2017. In those meetings both sides informed each other about their activities, aims and mission statements to find out that their aims coincide to a great extent. Because of this good cooperation and mutual understanding that had developed over those months FAM has decided to become a member organisation of EWLA.

Since its founding FAM has developed a strategy for 2016-2020 and an Action Plan 2016-2018, organised a Forum of Women Lawyers from the Republic of Moldova on 16 December 2016 and a workshop on “Social and economic rights of lawyers in the light of UN human rights standards”.

Further information on their activities can be found at the following sites:


[1] Official Statement can be accessed on: http://www.uam.md/index.php?pag=news&id=875&rid=1126&l=ro

[1] Official Statement can be accessed on: http://www.bizlaw.md/2017/01/12/reactia-avocatelor-la-initiativa-de-a-acorda-deputatilor-licente-de-avocat-fara-sustinerea-examenelor-este-extrem-de-periculoasa-si-nociva-unui-stat-de-drept/

[1] Official Statement can be accessed on: http://uam.md/index.php?pag=news&id=875&rid=1127&l=ro; http://www.bizlaw.md/2017/01/23/avocatele-in-sustinerea-jurnalistei-mariana-rata-ar-putea-fi-creat-un-precedent/https://anticoruptie.md/ro/stiri/asociatia-femeilor-avocate-din-moldova-condamna-tentativa-de-tragere-la-raspundere-penala-a-reporterului-centrului-de-investigatii-jurnalistice

FAM is warmly welcomed by EWLA!