Workshop "Women in Leadership" in Madrid

A workshop on “Women in Leadership” will take place in Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid (Spain), on June 15, 2017.
Issues covered in the workshop include:
-Study women business leader's characteristics.
-Analysis of problems with family-work balance and co-responsibility.
-Identification of gender bias in the hiring process and appointment of women directors.
-Test the restrictions on credit access for businesswomen.
-Analysis of women directors in the third sector.
-Quantify the influence of women on boards of directors.
-Study the institutional mechanisms that foster or inhibit the promotion of women business leaders.
-Evaluation of specific regulations for the career advancement of women directors.

The workshop is organized by Cátedra USPCEU-Mutua Madrileña. It is a forum open to professionals, researchers and postgraduate and doctoral students. The objective is to create a place where researchers can expose their work and discuss them with attendees, in a scientific-technical environment.

Registration, free but limited, will be made by sending the personal data (surname, name, professional position, institution, email and telephone) to the email address:

Those interested in submitting a paper should send two versions of the paper, one of them without the authors. The deadline for the submission is May 6, 2017. Send your paper to Papers sent must indicate that they want to present it at the Women in Leadership workshop.

Scientific Comitee:
Ruth Mateos de Cabo, Ph. D.
Universidad San Pablo CEU.
José Andrés Fernández Cornejo, Ph. D.
Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Rosa Santero Sánchez, Ph. D.
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.
Patricia Gabaldón Quiñones, Ph D.
Instituto de Empresa.