Press Release: Where are the ‘founding mothers and grandmothers’ of the European Union?


Brussels 9 May 2018


Where are the ‘founding mothers and grandmothers’ of the European Union?

On this day, let all of us take a stance and remember and thank our ‘founding mothers’ for the peace we have within the European Union!

Let us remember the myth of Europa, the wonderful 1592 Map of Europe offered by the Czech Parliament to the European Parliament (see above) which is on proud display not so far away from the Women’s Right Committee of the European Parliament.

Let us thank our founding mothers and grandmothers for their creative touch, for their fight for human rights, for fighting for the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for defending women throughout difficult times, for defending peace, for defending Europe, and the list can go on.

EWLA’s President Katharina Miller stated : "We at EWLA are fervent believers that ‘Europe is female and male’ and we should make more efforts to remind the European institutions about the great women of Europe. Your contributions are essential! In a comment below choose a woman who was important in your country in shaping today’s Europe."

The European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) is registered in Belgium as an international non-governmental, non-profit, association (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif). It is a federation of national women lawyers associations from amongst the European Union countries and those of EFTA countries. Members of EWLA are also individual women lawyers and academics from these countries. EWLA pursues the co-operation of European women lawyers, in order to combine their specific expertise in monitoring law and politics seen from the angle of fundamental rights, and in particular gender equality.