European Parliament acts against harassment

European Parliament acts against harassment

The European Parliament adopted a resolution and amended its rules of procedure to act against psychological or sexual harassment on Thursday 31 January 2019. EWLA is pleased to see the Parliament acting decisively against harassment in the House.

The resolution states that the MEPs “shall refrain from any type of psychological or sexual harassment and shall respect the code of appropriate behavior for members of the European Parliament.”

The resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority of 622 against 16, with eight MEPs abstaining.

The MEPs also approved a rule change to the Parliament’s code of behavior for the MEPs, according to which any MEP, who has not signed the declaration, is not entitled to any of the key posts in the Parliament. These key posts include the President or Vice-President of the Parliament.

This measure was supported by a strong majority of 493 MEPs over 111 voting against and 26 abstaining.

EWLA President Katharina Miller remarks: “This is a great step towards a harassment-free environment in the Parliament.” EWLA will be monitoring how the new code is being implemented during the new Parliament.