Statement on COM(2002)704

The Commission adopted, on 11 December 2002, a communication 'General principles and minimum standards for consultation of interested parties by the Commission' COM(2002)704:

The public consultation on the preparatory consultation document ended on 31 July 2002. EWLA has sent its contribution to the Convention concerning gender mainstreaming also to the commission in this context of consultation standards. 

This is the outcome:
Women are mentioned only once: 

  • p.19: In determining the relevant parties for consultation, the Commission should take into account the following elements as well:(....) 
  • p.20: (...) the need for a proper balance, where relevant, between the representatives of: (....) wider constituencies (e.g. churches and religious communities) and specific target groups (e.g. women, the elderly, the unemployed, or ethnic minorities).. well, women are a specific target group? This is not exactly what gender mainstreaming is all about! 

At least EWLA is mentioned p. 23 as a European professional organisation contributing to this issue.